Who we are

Welcome to Indoli Foods!

Who We Are

We started developing healthy and tasty Indian Comfort Foods at home using old time tested, traditional recipes, and then getting them tasted by our ‘expert’ panel of children! Positive and encouraging comments, combined with an increasing demand from friends and family, made us decide to launch Indoli Foods.


We know you would prefer to make your own meals, but time, facilities and personnel doesn’t always allow for this. We believe that everyone deserves truly nutritious food, that is made the traditional way with clean, wholesome ingredients – no compromises!


Therefore we have developed the Indoli foods range of healthy, tasty, nutritionally rich, Indian Comfort Foods. Our dishes never contain any artificial colours, additives or preserves – We only use the best quality, freshest ingredients we can find – We have developed vegetarian, Vegan, and gluten free range of dishes for everyone.


We presently make the following delicious and ready-to-eat Indian Comfort Food

Chana Masala


Dal Tadka

Aloo Subzi

All our products are presently offered in 24 oz (680 g) family size containers and contain 6-servings. 


Our Ways

Simple in ways, honest, sincere, and direct is how we choose to operate across every aspect of our business. Our meals are fresher, taste tastier and are healthy in ways others just aren’t. 


In order to make good honest food, we have to be good and honest in our ways.


That includes everything from how we carefully select our ingredients, the way we prepare our dishes, to the open and honest relationships we enjoy with our employees and customers.

So, it is our promise that we won’t ever pull a “fast one” on anyone!


Keep Things Simple

We know that meal time can be chaotic and hectic. But it doesn't have to be. Indoli always makes it easy to serve tasty, healthy, nutritious food that can be whizzed from the container to plate in fewer than five minutes. Good for everyone, simple for you and best of all, No Compromises!


Food Quality

We only use the best natural ingredients we can source,and all the ingredients are what you would find in your own kitchen cupboards!


We are passionate about offering the best food possible. Our trials do not stop at our development kitchen , we trial them on the people that matter – you our customers . If you do not give our food the thumbs up – we go back to the drawing board.


Based on this principle and philosophy, we have created a range of delicious Indian comfort foods. 


Who Makes our Food 

So who makes Indoli Foods?

We really care about the finished products that our customers are going to eat, so large automated production factories are not for us. We want real people making real food – not machines !


Indoli Foods are made by us following strict processes and guidelines in our hygienic kitchen based in Toronto, Canada, with real people stirring saucepans and pots, real people weighing out ingredients and chopping them up. This way the dishes all come out tasting just like grandma’s recipe. Our kitchens are a lot like yours, only much bigger. Seriously, you should see the size of our pots and pans.


Indoli only used fresh ingredients and pure Indian spices for consistent and unmatched taste. Our wholesome dishes are full of essential proteins, herbs, and spices. They nourish our bodies and soothe our soul. Indoli’s great tasting traditional comfort foods are made from quality ingredients that are prepared in our facilities. All our recipes and products have been crafted and created from traditional recipes that have been popular Indian staple foods for centuries.


 Made with Care

We believe that cooking was meant to be done by hand. That’s why we make our sauces from scratch, stirring in spices, herbs, and vegetables, then simmering slowly for hours until the flavour is perfect. We only use vine ripened crushed tomatoes from Italy that have no added chemicals or preservatives. Our beans,lentils, and grains are always raw, never from cans, and are soaked 12~14 hours to bring out the natural flavors and taste.   


All our spice mixes (masala) and gravy are made fresh for each batch to preserve aroma and flavors. Every batch we male gets tasted many times by our chef and support staff.  Only when the recipe and taste is perfect, we cook it in our giant pots and then immediately hot pack and seal the containers to lock in the nutrients and flavors. The containers are then transferred to a refrigerator and left to cool down slowly overnight to 5°c (41°F). They are then transported by refrigerated van to your favorite supermarket shelves.